London’s Phat Daddy’s sets Thanksgiving meal record

London’s Phat Daddy’s sets Thanksgiving meal record

By Dean Shipley

[email protected]


Dean Shipley | The Madison Press Angie Roberts Harris, owner of Phat Daddy’s Pizza in London, displays a poster of the names, businesses and organizations which donated to help her and Phat Daddy’s staff prepare 234 dinners for the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of the donors chose to remain anonymous.

About 234 people were fed on Thanksgiving Day in London, thanks to a local restaurateur with a group of helpers.

Angie Roberts Harris, owner of Phat Daddy’s restaurant on East First Street, orchestrated the restaurant’s fourth annual Thanksgiving Day dinner for people who may have had no other option for a holiday hot meal. Harris and her team served and delivered the dinner.

Harris said the posting of fliers around the city and on church bulletin boards apparently conveyed the message as the number of meals jumped by 44 meals — about 23 percent.

When asked why the increase, Harris replied, “We got the word out to the right people.”

Of those meals, 140 were delivered by five, two-person teams, who drove as far as South Charleston and West Jefferson to deliver the food. She described the recipients as “mostly older,” but said anyone who called in could receive dinner. She doesn’t screen or discriminate.

Those who received the meal received a veritable cornucopia of delectable delights: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, with gravy and other vegetables and pie. KFC and Bob Evans donated rolls and biscuits.

Harris said preparing the 11 turkeys — weighing between 15 and 22 pounds — had to begin a few days ahead of Thanksgiving. Side dishes were begun at 6 a.m. Thursday.

Despite the increase in the number of meals served, Harris said she was happy “we didn’t run out of food.” In fact, one man who had been served on Thursday returned on Saturday to inquire about leftovers. Harris sent him on his way with a container full of turkey and a piece of pie.

“He was happy and went on his way,” she said.

So was she as the container went down the road with the diner. It freed up space for more storage.

Harris began the meal in 2012 when a local church, which had been serving it, no longer continued. Her friend, Anna Bingman, suggested since Harris had the facility, she could prepare it with help.

Though it’s a long day and exhausting, she said it feels good to do something for somebody.

Make that 234 somebodies.


Reach Dean Shipley at 740-852-1616, ext. 1617, or on Twitter @DeanAShipley.

Donors to Phat Daddy’s Pizza Thanksgiving Dinner

Anna Bingman

Angela Harris

Bob Evans Restaurant

London KFC Restaurant

London Kiwanis

Tommy & Yvette Wilson

Chandler Lodge No. 138 F & A M

Butch Scott

Katherine and Noel

Karen Wells

Kellie Portman & Family

Lori Thomas

Fr. Reidy Council No. 1786 Knights of Columbus

Kathy Knott

Mr. and Mrs. Vickers

Varsity Dinner Club

Henry’s Restaurant

Brian Bingman

Helen Elbin

Leah Cline

Roy Kelly

Deana Bentley

Larry Harrison

Mrs. Shoemaker

Jim Durban

Redeemer Church

The Vineyard Church

56 Auto Sales

Samantha Barnes

Roger Roberts

Natalie Hicks

Mike Wilson

Jacob Green

Dave Mabe

Ready FM

Mr. and Mrs. Bell

Loura Higaki

Anonymous donors and volunteers

Salt Magazine

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