Burgitto Bistro food truck in Wilmington marks one year on the road

Burgitto Bistro food truck in Wilmington marks one year on the road

By Beverly Drapalik

Shawn, Christina, Rinn and Michelle.


A unique alternative to hot dogs, hamburgers and “fair food,” the Burgitto Bistro food truck has been on the road since March 2016.

Christina Price used the name Burgitto Bistro for her company because her burger is wrapped in a tortilla, like a burrito. She includes healthy choices in that tortilla shell and offers seven burgitto creations.

The menu also contains side items, including “Sweet Things,” deep-fried sweet potatoes served with a secret marshmallow sauce.

Working in a food truck allows a particularly unique view of the world. Once, while operating the truck, she said she witnessed a man standing on the street in Blanchester. He had just purchased his own hamburger from another vendor, and he was waiting for his wife to get her burgitto. As he stood next to her, she was talking to another couple. He stole a bite of her burgitto. Price said it took him about two minutes to come to her window for his own burgitto.

One of the favorite dishes is the BBLT. The taste of smoky bacon, fried green tomatoes, white cheddar cheese, lettuce and chipotle mayo changes a common tortilla into a delight.

Price’s story is one of hard work and perseverance. She was widowed about 11 years ago. Working three jobs — Rod’s Capricorn Inn, Horse Feathers and now Burgitto Bistro — she models diligence for her two daughters, Michelle and Rinn, who gladly help on the food truck.

Price said, “I can’t do this without their help.”

Not only do the girls help, but the man in her life, Shawn, and his two sons, Ted and Sam, also work hard.

“I could not do without Shawn’s help,” she said. “He works a full-time job and shows up later in the day to help me, whether he’s repairing equipment or cooking food.”

When the cooking is done, there is even more work at home because of their many animals. The menagerie consists of six dogs, fish, one cat, eight chinchillas, two miniature horses, two horses, a pot-bellied pig, a pet squirrel, a yellow-ring parrot, a parakeet, 13 chickens and two turkeys.

Whether she’s serving food for the Clinton County Fair or Jeff Wyler’s or Blanchester’s July Fourth celebration, Price knows she is pleasing crowds of customers.

In the future, Price hopes to have a brick and mortar restaurant, serving good food “with a unique twist,” she said.

In the meantime, look for Burghitto Bistro’s truck at the Spring Tractor Pull at the Clinton County Fairgrounds on June 9-10. Later in the summer, find Price working in the kitchen at the Clinton County Fair and the Clinton County Corn Festival.

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