In The Kitchen With: Cory Colley

In The Kitchen With: Cory Colley

By Adam Black

[email protected]

WAVERLY — While many bring the heat in the kitchen, Cory Colley enjoys bringing the smoke.

Colley’s love of cooking started at a young age while watching his grandmother cook, and he’s had a passion for being in the kitchen ever since. That passion grew after getting a job at Beast and Bottle, where he enhanced his knowledge of smoking meats and creating tasteful dishes.

“Our goal is for people to taste our passion for great food when they take the first bite,” said Colley, a cook at the restaurant said. “Our specialty is burgers and smoked meats, but there isn’t anything that we wouldn’t consider trying.”

Since starting at Beast and Bottle, located in Waverly, Colley has watched his bosses work wonders and he’s learned from their successes and mistakes. The two have even become somewhat of a mentor to Colley, who dreams of someday running a business of his own.

“My bosses Josh Newland and Nathan Bloss are my mentors,” Colley said. “Watching them come up with new menu items and watching Josh on the smoker has fueled a passion for smoking food.”

While Colley works at a steakhouse, he also brings his work home with him, trying different recipes and smoked meats at home with his family. Colley shared that, although his family enjoys his cooking, he is always looking for recipes that his stepson will eat.

“He is kind of a picky eater and I hope what I cook will broaden his comfort zone when it comes to food,” Colley said. “Watching people take that first bite of what you made and watching it feed their soul is awesome.”

Along with Colley’s family, many friends of his also enjoy any night the cook fires up the smoker and makes his self-proclaimed famous smoked brisket or smoked pork loin, which his family loves.

“I enjoy cooking for our gatherings,” Colley said. “They aren’t ones to hold back on their opinions, but it’s always a positive experience.”

Colley shared that, while he enjoys smoking all kinds of meat, one of his favorite dishes to make is smoked brisket — he enjoys the process of smoking brisket and experimenting with different flavors and seasonings.

“My favorite dish probably would have to be smoking a great-quality brisket,” Colley said. “It requires a lot of time and attention from start to finish.”

As for now, Colley shared he is happy working at Beast and Bottles, but one day he hopes to venture out and achieve his own goals.

“My ultimate goal is maybe one day to own my own restaurant or catering business,” Colley said.

Smoked whole pork loin

1 whole smoked pork loin raw

2 cups apple juice

One bottle of Weber’s all-purpose barbecue rub

3 packs of wright’s hardwood smoked bacon or any other brand.


Bring your smoker to a temp of 250 degrees.

Inject your loin with the apple juice.

Rub it with your Weber BBQ rub till evenly coated on all sides.

Wrap the whole loin in bacon where the slices overlap a little bit.

Place it on your smoker and let it smoke till about a temp of 145 degrees.

Roll it in foil and let it rest for about an hour until you slice it and enjoy.

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