Roosters coming to Washington Court House

Roosters coming to Washington Court House

Dakota’s Roadhouse to be converted by mid-March

By Ryan Carter

Martin Graham | Record-Herald The Dakota’s Roadhouse at 120 Crossing Drive in Washington C.H. will be converted to a Roosters Wings by mid-March 2016, according to a spokesman from the Roosters southern Ohio franchise.

The Dakota’s Roadhouse in Washington C.H. will soon be converted into a Roosters, a popular wings restaurant that’s described as a “fun and casual joint.”

The management companies involved with Roosters and Dakota’s recently reached an agreement to make the transition, according to Pat McAllister, a spokesman for the Roosters southern Ohio franchise.

“We are hoping that the new Roosters in Washington Court House will be open by mid-March,” he said. “Dakota’s will still be open for business through New Year’s Eve.”

Dakota’s Roadhouse, located at 120 Crossing Drive, has been in operation for approximately 10 years. The new Roosters will be operated under the same ownership.

“The decision to make the conversion was mainly because we thought that this is a great location for a new Roosters,” said McAllister. “We currently have eight Roosters locations with the southern Ohio franchise, including Chillicothe, Circleville and Xenia, and we just felt like Washington Court House was a good fit with those types of locations. You have U.S. Route 35 going through that area where there is a lot of traffic and high visibility.”

McAllister added that he believes Roosters can be more successful than Dakota’s has been due to the name recognition. Roosters will also be open seven days a week and will serve lunch seven days a week, compared to Dakota’s, which is closed on Mondays and does not serve lunch throughout the entire week. The hours for the new Roosters will be announced at a later time.

McAllister emphasized that there are currently no plans to convert any of the other area Dakota’s restaurants into Roosters restaurants.

The employees at the Washington C.H. Dakota’s will be offered employment at the new Roosters, according to McAllister. Gift certificates from Dakota’s will be honored at Roosters as well as other Dakota’s restaurants.

The Roosters southern Ohio franchise currently has eight locations including: Xenia, Chillicothe, Circleville, the Polaris in Columbus, New Albany, Zanesville, Springfield and Mansfield. Roosters offers many sports bar classics: chicken wings, pizza, subs, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, etc.

“We’re very excited about bringing a concept like Roosters to Washington Court House and the area,” said McAllister. “It’s fun, casual place to bring friends and family to. It has great food and caters to all ages. People just seem to love it.”

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