Front Porch Profile: Sarah Nichols

Front Porch Profile: Sarah Nichols

MLIS-Library DirectorCarnegie Public Library, Jeffersonville Branch Library

By Jennifer Woods

You tend to be a cheery person. How do you always have a smile ready to go?

My dad always said, “Life is short, you have to grab all the gusto you can.” I took this to heart. I paired this mantra with my great affection for life, hunger for joy, and the understanding that sometimes one needs to make her own sunshine. I enjoy sharing these things with others, and a smile is usually a great start.

What is your favorite book, and what makes it your favorite?

There are a handful of books I return to again and again in my mind: “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett, “Winter King” by Bernard Cornwell, “Galway Bay” by Mary Pat Kelly, and “Lissette’s List” by Susan Vreeland. Each of these take place in another time and place, and each painted such incredibly vivid imagery in my mind’s eye I am still moved years later.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you visit?

For several years now, I have had France at the top of my list. From Provence to Paris, I dream about experiencing the light, culture and history someday soon.

Of the places you have been, what was one of the best or most special locations?

There are several places that have taken my breath away and so many more to discover! Without a doubt, my favorite place will always be my family’s little piece of land in southern Ohio. Wooded, wild and remote — it is home and heaven in one.

Have you ever tried something new that you thought you’d hate but actually enjoyed?

I did not think I would hate it, but I was unsure about working in a library! I was hired for my first library job right after college while living in Cleveland. My doubt dissolved quickly when I recognized that library work was both challenging and fulfilling. The rest is history.

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