‘Serving Aloha’

‘Serving Aloha’

Aloha Tacos and More serves fusion of Hawaiian and Mexican foods

Story by Sarah Allen

Photos courtesy Aloha Tacos and More LLC

The spirit of ‘aloha’ is alive and well in Ohio thanks to Aloha Tacos and More LLC and its focus on family, community, and fresh, fusion cuisine.

Aloha Tacos and More is a mobile food trailer that serves the south-central Ohio region and operates out of Greenfield, explained co-owner Heidi Arrington. She described herself as being a business partner with husband Eric, and with her daughter, Yvonne Ferrer-Arrington, and son-in-law Tomas Ferrer.

“It’s truly a family business,” Arrington said — and that is true, not only because Aloha Tacos and More is owned and operated by her family but because it was created out of a familial need.

In April 2019, Yvonne gave birth to a micro-preemie daughter. The family needed flexibility to help with her care. One day, Yvonne said to her mother, “We should sell tacos.”

“We were born out of necessity to be there for our newest granddaughter,” Arrington said.

They drew inspiration from their own lives — Arrington and her husband moved to Ohio a year and a half ago from Hawaii. And their son-in-law is Mexican. The result was a “fusion of Hawaiian-inspired flavor with Mexican-type food,” Arrington said.

She added that Aloha Tacos serves “really, really fresh food.” Arrington said that nothing is fried or frozen and that everything on the menu is made fresh that day.

Arrington said that when it comes to customers’ favorite dishes, there is a “distinct tie” between the pork nachos and the taco plate.

Arrington added that their tres leches cake is also very popular.

“I have people who come just for the cake,” she said.

With its unique and flavorful menu — and with its community-focused family flair — Aloha Tacos and More has been meeting its mission of “serving aloha one meal at a time.”

Arrington described ‘aloha,’ saying that it is “sharing love and kindness.”

“If I could just bottle up ‘aloha,’ the world would be a better place,” she said.

So far, Aloha Tacos and More has been met with and has inspired exactly that kind of positivity.

“Wherever we’ve gone, people have been so, so, so, so kind and amazing,” Arrington said.

That relationship with the community, she added, is one of the best parts of having a food truck.

And, of course, Aloha Tacos and More also provides plenty of chances to spend time with family.

“It’s such an amazing opportunity to teach the next generation,” Arrington said, since her children and grandchildren are involved in the business.

She added, “I absolutely adore, cherish and feel so grateful and blessed to be working alongside my family.”


Aloha Tacos and More LLC

This food truck, based in Greenfield, travels to a variety of locations. Visit www.alohatacosandmore.com or Aloha Tacos & More on Facebook for details.

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