A bit of cozy with your coffee

A bit of cozy with your coffee

The Daily Grind offers healthy, cafe-style options

Story and photos by Sarah Allen

A new cafe has nestled itself among the many family-owned storefronts of Hillsboro — this one with a goal of offering a cozy spot for coffee and healthy eats.

The Daily Grind opened this past October, but its journey began with a cupcake shop at a smaller site. But soon, another location became available. With more space, came a larger menu and a bigger goal: a full-service cafe.

Cody and Saundra Burns are co-owners of The Daily Grind, which Saundra Burns described as a “small coffee shop with cafe-style food,” such as paninis, soup and salads.

“[We] thought that the town needed a place where they could get a healthier lunch, a better salad,” Saundra Burns said, adding that none of the food is fried.

“Everything is as fresh as we can get,” she continued. Prominent flavors in the menu include avocado and basil. In fact, Saundra Burns said, the top seller is either the avocado/bacon grilled cheese or The Daily Grind’s various salads.

She added that the soups are also popular, with the creamy chicken tortilla soup being a strong favorite.

However, the star of The Daily Grind is, of course, its coffee.

“We wanted people to taste a really good cup of coffee rather than covering (the flavor) with syrups,” Saundra Burns said. “We focus on the quality of the coffee.”

Lattes are the most popular types served, she added.

The Daily Grind also features several sweets to pair with the coffee — or as a dessert following their entrees. Favorites include the cafe’s carrot cake and no-bake cookies.

Saundra Burns said that The Daily Grind has seen “really good” reactions during its first few months of business. Patrons, she said, seem to be “thankful for a place to go for something that’s not pizza or fried food.”

And while variety was certainly a goal of the new coffee shop, The Daily Grind had another objective: To be a place of community.

Saundra Burns said that they wanted to create a “cozy environment” with WiFi, where people could “have a good cup of coffee, have a snack, have lunch.”

She said patrons will come in with their laptops for hours while enjoying what the cafe offers. Students will bring their homework. And others will come and work on puzzles or play UNO.

The Daily Grind is quickly becoming a spot, not just for coffee, but for socializing and for trying something new.

Saundra Burns also said that, during the summer, the cafe plans to add seasonal changes to the menu and to also host events.

“We want to bring everyone together and have fun,” she said.


The Daily Grind

122 S. High St., Hillsboro

grindcafebakery.com or The Daily GRIND on Facebook

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