In the Kitchen With … Beverly and Jeff Drapalik

In the Kitchen With … Beverly and Jeff Drapalik

Story and photos by John Hamilton

Story and photos by John Hamilton

At the Clinton County Farmers Market, one can expect to find everything from vegetables to homemade pottery.

But one booth — belonging to Beverly and Jeff Drapalik of Ogden Acres — shows a bountiful bouquet of bread, from sourdough to cinnamon raisin bread. And the whole thing started as a hobby, inspired by their son Joe, a baker in Dayton.

“He started it, but then also we went out to San Francisco to Tartine Bakery, which is kind of a nationally known bakery, and their products are amazing,” said Jeff.

Jeff was so impressed by their products he bought their cookbook and used it as the basis for all their sourdoughs, beignets, brioche hamburger buns and more. From that, they branched out into other types of baked goods like scones and buttermilk biscuits.

Beverly’s interest in baking actually began earlier than Jeff’s. A bread they sell at their booth has been something Beverly has baked for the last 32 years.

“I got the starter from a friend in Atlanta and I started making the bread when our kids were little, just for us and giving it to people as gifts. So, this particular starter is very, very old,” said Beverly.

With their baked goods, among the things they take pride in using homegrown ingredients.

“Everything we make is made here in our kitchen,” said Jeff. “So, we really don’t buy anything outside and resell it. We use no preservatives. So, with these things, we tell people they have to eat them as soon as they can.”

“Or freeze it,” added Beverly.

The couple has felt encouraged by farmers market patrons to expand and try different items to bake. They also hope their customers feel encouraged to try baking bread themselves.

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