Kelsey Swindler

Kelsey Swindler

Wilmington City Council Member – At-Large

By John Hamilton

What’s your favorite food/cooking show?

My husband and I love “The Great British Baking Show”! It’s inspired him to bake … and it’s inspired me to hone my taste-testing skills.

What movie terrified you as a child?

The original “Halloween,” one of my dad’s favorites. My mom is still horrified he let me see it, and I barely slept for two weeks in fear that if I closed my eyes, Michael would be in my room when I opened them. Whew. It still terrifies me!

Is there a language that you’ve always wanted to learn?

I studied German in college and studied abroad southeast of Berlin and always wished I had gained true fluency. It gave me new appreciation for how often we underestimate people who are speaking in their second language.

Do you have any advice for students going into high school or college?

Travel. Take every opportunity to travel, because it gets harder after school, and there are some things only learned outside your comfort zone. Someone shared that with me when I was considering whether or not to go abroad during college, and I am so grateful they did.

What do you love most about your community?

I love that every day someone asks me about my son, now almost 8 months old, simply because they care. I can’t imagine living in a city where you didn’t have that sense of belonging.

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