Greg Brown

Greg Brown

Experience Coordinator, Armstrong Air & Space Museum, Wapakoneta

What’s your favorite exhibit at the museum?

My favorite exhibit is the Gemini VIII reentry module. Gemini had to teach us the critical skills, methodology to go to the moon using Apollo. Neil Armstrong was the commander of that mission. It was his first trip into space. And also, it was the first docking exercise. That had to be done in order for Apollo to reach the moon. These were all very pioneering efforts at that time.

What do you find fascinating about space?

I think probably one of the most popular reasons that it holds such an attraction is that it’s largely unknown. It’s so vast, it’s so mysterious. Massive supernovae and nebulae and auroras … so we’ve got all those phenomenons that are occurring out there. The other part of it is it’s so hostile, it’s so alien to us. It’s just extremes. I’m not so much an astronaut wannabe. What I really enjoy is studying and understanding the engineering.

What is your favorite summer activity?

I like to travel. When I get time and I get the money, I like to sightsee. I just like sightseeing and going to historical sites and beautiful outdoor areas.

What’s your favorite cookout food to eat?

Love porkchops, ribs. My wife, who’s Filipina, loves cooking when she can and she has some marvelous foods that she likes to make. The company that you keep, where you happen to be and who you’re with, is equally enjoyable to what kind of food you have.


No. At my age — I’m 60 — I don’t know that I’m going to be doing that anymore.

What do you love most about your community?

What I love about my community, it’s nice to live here in Wapak — it’s small, yeah, we don’t have all the options for shopping and restaurants, but our community is filled with great people. We have a lot of good people in our community. Our local community here is really terrific. They’re just really helpful good, solid folks.

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