Mechell Frost

Mechell Frost

Highland County Senior Citizens Center executive director

By The Times-Gazette

What’s your favorite board game?

Boulder Dash. It’s a game where you make up definitions and try to get people to guess what you made up.

If you could have a discussion with any fictional character, who would you choose?

Zebulon Tyler Walton. I’d ask him about Walton’s Mountain, and hopefully we could walk the mountain while he was telling me.

Where’s the furthest you have traveled?

Las Vegas, Nevada, when I was 19.

Favorite breakfast dish?

Waffles or pancakes. Sometimes I like cereal, too.

Favorite clean joke?

A man walks into a library and orders a hamburger. The librarian says, “Sir, this is a library.” The man apologizes and whispers, “I’d like a hamburger.”

What do you love most about this community?

The people are friendly. It’s not odd to wave at somebody you don’t know and they’ll wave back.

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