In the Kitchen With … Jill Barry

In the Kitchen With … Jill Barry

Story by Martin Graham

Story by Martin Graham

Jill Barry and her twin sister Joan West own Two Scoops of Sugar, located in downtown Washington Court House within Fayette County.

Barry and West started their work at home in 2010 before they opened the brick-and-mortar business Sept. 1, 2014. Though it was a very rapid process getting their business underway, both sisters have stepped up and created something truly sweet with their plethora of desserts, drinks and more. From traditional to creative cookies, scones, muffins, brownies, pies, holiday breads, to numerous kinds of cupcakes, the menu is delicious. Additionally, the sisters also sell candy and coffee.

Their business also provides a small stage at the front of the shop that has been the home of several activities. Some of these activities include a spelling bee hosted by Carnegie Public Library, promotions for local boutiques and Santa visits during the winter. They also provide free cookie decorating for children during the annual Christmas Parade which passes directly in front of their business. The sisters said they hope to branch into more fundraisers and assist local school clubs in the future.

“It kind of makes us proud,” Barry said of opening a business in their hometown. “It’s a big accomplishment for us. We always wanted to do it, so it’s cool we finally did it. Main Street Fayette themselves do a lot with us. We do shop hops once a month and we try to add things to it just to encourage people to come to our place. … That has been nice to have things like the Scarecrow Festival, the Chocolate Walk and a Wine Walk.”

Though their business is small, Barry said they have a dedicated customer base that they consider family. Both sisters thanked the community for its continued support of small businesses and in the future hopes to draw in a larger breakfast crowd and move into a building with a drive-through.

“(My sister and I) get along with really well,” Barry said. “We have a really great relationship, and I think it helps that we are twins. We have literally done everything together our whole lives. There are days where it is difficult, but for the most part we get along really well. It is kind of cool because it is family and our other sister will come in and help out, my husband or mom will take the kids and help us out for a weekend or whatever.”

After a brief discussion about what dessert to showcase, Barry decided she wanted to share their take on a recipe that she said most people may already have but is definitely a favorite around their business: Buckeyes. The treat is a staple and is given away during various events, including the annual Chocolate Walk and when Santa comes to visit them near Christmas time.

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