Weekend getaway: Marblehead Lite Bed & Breakfast

Weekend getaway: Marblehead Lite Bed & Breakfast

By Jane Beathard

Lake Erie shore is just a few steps from the back door of Marblehead Lite.

Marblehead Lite is located at 605 E. Main St. in Marblehead, Ohio.

The iving room of a suite at Marblehead Lite.

View of Lake Erie from the porch of Marblehead Lite.

Jack Miller says affordable prices, good customer service and a great view of Lake Erie set his Marblehead Lite Bed & Breakfast apart from so many others in and around Port Clinton.

Perched on a scenic edge of Sandusky Bay just two doors east of Marblehead Lighthouse State Park, the picturesque B&B offers a breathtaking panorama of the lake with lights from Cedar Point Amusement Park twinkling in the distance.

Years of carefully collected artwork — some of it local to Ohio’s North Coast — adorns the walls and shelves. Lush landscaping and a gurgling fountain add to the picturesque setting.

It’s not only a beautiful spot, but also a friendly one thanks to warm welcomes extended by Jack and wife, Marilyn.

“We invite people to make themselves at home,” Jack said. “And because we are small, we get to know our guests.”

Mornings begin about 9 a.m. when Marilyn serves up hearty omelets, quiche, fruit and potatoes, prepared according to her Southern Living and Taste of Home cookbooks.

She is happy to accommodate guests who have special dietary needs or wants. Favorite recipes are also welcomed.

Meals for six or less are served in the informal dining room that features floor to ceiling windows overlooking the water. A second, more formal table in the living room can seat up to 12 additional guests.

Some overnighters prefer to be served on the Millers’ screened porch where they can enjoy lake breezes along with their meal.

A two-room, first-floor suite with separate entrance is the most popular accommodation at Marblehead Lite. It features a kitchenette, full bath, queen bed, satellite TV and plenty of lake-appropriate reading material.

Originally built as an “in-law wing” for Jack’s parents, it was later home to a single woman from the area. Two years ago, the Millers opted to open the suite as a B&B. At $125 per night, including tax, it is less expensive in the summer than most hotels in the area.

A second-floor bedroom with queen and full beds and un-adjoined bath is now available at $100 per night, as is a third bedroom with full bed at $80 per night.

“We only rent (the third bedroom) to families with no small children,” Jack said.

The Millers retired to the Village of Marblehead from Toledo in 1988. However, Jack’s roots go deep in Ottawa County. His parents were from Catawba Island and he always felt a connection with the neighborhood.

The couple first acquired and restored the historic Marblehead Schoolhouse, converting it into an art gallery and ice cream shop.

“We sort of lived in the schoolhouse as we restored it,” Marilyn said.

They moved into their current house in 1991 — never dreaming it would eventually become a haven for weary travelers.

In the last two years, they’ve welcomed guests from as far away as eastern Europe and Asia, although their advertising is limited to Facebook, Trip Advisor and good word-of-mouth.

Many who stay return for another visit, Jack noted.

Each guest seems to have a story. And the Millers are enthusiastic listeners.

“You have to like people to do this,” Marilyn said.


605 E. Main St.

Marblehead, OH 43440


Per-night prices include all taxes. Two-room suite, $125. Second-floor bedroom with queen and full beds, $100. Second-floor bedroom with full bed, $80. More than two people in a room is $25 extra.

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