Get your eat on: Food truck rally returning to Miami County

Get your eat on: Food truck rally returning to Miami County

By Melody Vallieu

Kyleen Green hands out an order from the Tin Roof during the First Gourmet Food Truck Competition and Rally in 2015 at the Miami County Fairgrounds.

Valerie Petry, of Tipp City, shares a treat with her son, Isaac, 2, during the first Miami County Food Truck Rally & Competition in Troy in 2015.

Charles Willis, of Piqua, waits on a treat from Sarah Palmer at Susie’s Big Dipper out of Piqua during the 2016 Miami County Food Truck Rally & Competition in Troy.

Shelly Tasker, of Troy, gets a tea refill using her mug from Shannon’s Southern Style Sweet Tea in May 2016 during the Miami County Food Truck Rally & Competition in Troy. Shannon’s offers sweet and unsweetened tea.

Josh Roeth, Jessie Roeth and Emma Niswonger serve nonstop at The Crazy Redhead Canteen during the 2016 Miami County Food Truck Rally & Competition in Troy.

David Carr, along with his children Chastity and David of Dayton, get a shaved treat at Kona Ice during the 2016 Miami County Food Truck Rally & Competition in Troy.

TROY — Foodies — and, well, anyone who just likes to eat — break out your forks. The Miami County Food Truck Rally & Competition returns for the third year from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. May 20 at the Miami County Fairgrounds in Troy.

Sponsored by the Miami County Fair Board, the first two years saw thousands of ravenous visitors, according to organizers, even wiping some of the trucks out of supplies prior to the event closing.

“The enthusiasm from the community has been amazing,” said Roberta Jacobs, rally co-chair and director of the Miami County Agricultural Society.

Forty-five food trucks are expected to sign up to share their fare at the annual event before the deadline, according to Jill Wright, event co-chair and secretary and manager of the Miami County Agricultural Society.

“There is a really good variety, from hot dogs to loaded tater tots,” she said. “You just name it, and we are going to have it.”

Jacobs said Asian, Mexican, Korean and Hawaiian cultures will be represented, to name a few. The event also will feature sandwiches of every kind imaginable, Jacobs said, including pitas, barbecue, Philly steak and cheese and po’ boys.

Side items will include everything from french fries, deep fried mushrooms and onion rings to soft pretzels and coleslaw.

For those with special dietary needs, there’s no need to worry, Jacobs said, that is taken care of as well. She said gluten-free, vegetarian, sugar-free and kid-friendly items also are on the menu at the various trucks.

And then there’s the desserts. Waffles, cookies, cupcakes and ice cream — and everything in between — to soothe one’s sweet tooth, Jacob said.

You’ll also need something to wash all that food down with, so visit Shannon’s Southern Style Sweet Tea, which offers different flavors of tea, or there will be blended fruit and veggie drinks, shaved ice and beer and wine for sale, according to Wright.

Jacobs said one of the criticisms of past years’ rallies was that people ate at a food booth or two and were full, not getting to try many of the other booths. For this reason, Jacobs said they have asked vendors, if possible, to sell more smaller-sized portions of their specialties.

But Jacobs also has done her research during over the years and offers tips for attending a food rally, starting with going in a group. She said to participate in a food rally — for ultimate success — bring four to six friends or family members with you to purchase items from different trucks to share.

“The more the merrier,” Jacobs said.

The Merchants’ Building will be open for attendees to eat inside out of the sun or in case of inclement weather, Jacobs said.

While you’re enjoying all the food truck rally has to offer, entertainment will be plentiful throughout the day, including a barn chock full of arts and crafts, Wright said. The 10th annual Upper Valley Fiber Fest and the Miami County Goat Breeder show also will be on-site the same day, she said.

Wright said the event is essentially a one-stop for a great day out.

“Everyone likes to eat food, and you can eat so many different foods at one location,” Wright said. “There will be plenty of entertainment, and you can even shop. What more could you ask for?”

Funds raised will help with improvements to the fairgrounds.

“The upkeep of the grounds is costly and there are lots of improvements we would like to make and this will help toward the goal,” Jacobs said.

Food trucks set for 2017 rally

Hunger Paynes — Croquettes

Kinetic — Grain bowls and salad wraps

Kona Ice — Shaved ice

Miller’s Homemade Soft Pretzels — Soft pretzels

Sweets & Meats — Barbecue smoked meats

Cumberland Kettle Corn — Kettle corn

Troy Post No. 43 Baseball — Chocolate-covered strawberries

Tin Roof Mobile Food — Ribeyes, pulled pork, chicken

TK’s BBQ-N-Fixins Inc. — Barbecue

Mo’s Barbecue — Barbecue

Hot Diggity Doggers and More — Hot dogs, brats, deep fried pierogies

Mike’s Family Concessions — Grilled beef tenderloin steak

Susie’s Big Dipper — Ice cream

Tortilla Street Food — Mexican

Southern Sisters — Corn dogs, chicken on a stick

Cupzilla — Korean barbecue

Sweet Concessions — Cinnamon rolls and sticks

Coldstone Creamery of Troy — Ice cream

The Crazy Redhead Canteen — Tater tots, grilled cheese

McNasty’s Great Food Express — Seven-cheese macaroni and cheese, sandwiches

Shannon’s Southern Style Sweet Tea — Iced teas

Zombie Dogz — Gourmet hot dogs

U-Lucky-Dawg — Gourmet hot dogs

Sweet T’s Southern Style Food Truck — Po’ boys, bourbon chicken and jambalaya

Long’s Concessions — Hot apple dumplings, soft service ice cream, shakes

P-Nuts, Chicken & More — Shredded chicken, paninis and hamburgers

Adena’s Beefstroll — Italian beef, Ma’s meatball sub, strolls

Patriot Grill — Philly cheesesteak, hamburgers

Rhino’s Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve — Frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet

Sugar Pie Bakery — Pie, gourmet brownies

Smokin Bee Bee Q — Brisket, tacos, shrimp and grits

Bistro de Mohr — Gyros, tacos, hog balls

Batdorf’s Red Barn Catering — Grilled barbecue pork chops, pulled pork

Winks Treats — Chocolate chip cookies, cotton candy, nachos

Niko’s Street Eats — Gyros, burgers

Storypoint’s Friendly Fork — Crab cakes, duck nachos, Brussels sprout salad

Bones Brothers Wings — Grilled wings and skewers, grilled sammich, Bone’s burrito

Paddy Wagon — Brisket, pork, grilled cheese


A food truck rally how-to:

1. Find a picnic table or other location to make your campsite for the day.

2. Split up. Everyone should get something different to eat and meet back at “your place.”

3. Share your cuisine and enjoy each other’s company and the entertainment available at the fairgrounds.

4. Have a beer, glass of wine, pop, water or other drink available at the event.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 again, perhaps this time concentrating on dessert.

Source: Roberta Jacobs, rally co-chair and director of the Miami County Agricultural Society


For more information on the rally, see the event’s Facebook page at Miami County Food Truck Rally & Competition, call Roberta Jacobs at 937-266-2914 or the Miami County Fair office at 937-335-7492 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday-Friday.

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