What would you do if you win the Powerball jackpot?

What would you do if you win the Powerball jackpot?

By Wayne Allen

[email protected]

Wayne Allen | Daily Times Customers at Weavers Convenient Store were nearly lined up out the door, purchasing Powerball tickets, Tuesday afternoon.

The Powerball Jackpot has continued to grow and by mid-afternoon Tuesday reached $1.5 billion.

The billion dollar jackpot has caused people that would not purchase a ticket to purchase one or 20. Area Powerball retailers are finding ways to accommodate the long lines.

The current jackpot is the highest it’s ever been.

According to www.powerball.com, the closest Powerball jackpot was $590.5 million that was won in May 2013. The lowest record Powerball jackpot was $241 million in 2012. Powerball plays costs $2 each. The game’s jackpot starts at $40 million and grows until it’s won. Players choose their first five numbers from a pool of 69 and another number – called the Powerball – from a separate pool of 26.

Some of the items that could be purchased with $1.5 billion include the Cincinnati Bengals. Forbes Magazine valued the team at $905 million. Forbes Magazine vales the Cincinnati Reds at $600 million.

The White House is valued at $294.9 million. The United States Capital Building is estimated at $133 million in 2003.

With the jackpot as high as it is, a quote from the movie and book franchise Hunger Games would be applicable, “may the odds be ever in your favor.”

The Daily Times asked on its Facebook page, “What would you do with $1.5 BILLION if you win the Powerball jackpot?”

We received lots of feedback, from the very serious to the very funny. Here as some of the Facebook posts and pictures.

Some wanted to help family, friends and others:

Sharon Colegrove Hannah: Pay off family bills, and help my neighbors, do whatever I could to make my brothers health better (if a new heart would help I’d pay for him to have it done. Donate to Autism Awareness and a few other charities and churches, and take a long needed vacation. Still live a simple life and enjoy my grandkids.

Karen Keyes: I would invest in our children in our community and try to bring Portsmouth back to where it once was.

Tammy Salazar: I would give to family, friends, church, disabled vets, animal shelters, and play secret Santa every year.

Karen Keller: Give my parents (Donald and Carolyn Hobbs) the life they deserve by retiring them both!!

Samantha Skaggs: If I won 1.3 Billion dollars I would help every homeless person in our area, help my family and friends.

Barbara Jordan-Scaff: If our family won we would buy a farm and fill it full of goats and llamas. We would adopt several children from America and overseas, attempt to hire Hall and Oates to play River Days, and build the largest private indoor cat playground for our cat Smuckers. (…oh and start a free camp for kids that incorporates art, music, and writing.)

Sandra Conley: Give it to church, charity, and pay off the family’s bill.

Josh Green: I would build some apartments for disabled veterans. Try to set up something for bullying in schools. Help family and some friends.

Kelli Barker: Help where I think it’s needed in my community, and take care of my family, just be happy and content!

Kimberly Holsinger: I would take care of my family and close friends first…buy my husband season tickets to OSU games! Give to a few worthwhile charities I have in mind…and perform random acts of kindness, which would be so fun!

Beverly Stamper Powell: First thing I’d do is pay adoption fees for my daughter Cera & Hubby Ryan! Then take a LONG prayerful break & think about the rest!

Some were serious:

Ashlee Hicks: If I won the lottery I would do whatever I could to find a way for kids that have Peters Anomaly like my son, to have vision. Not all kids are blessed with a chance to see due to Peters Anomaly but thankfully my son was one of the few who were thanks to an amazing organ donor!

Linda Stamper: First thing I would do is pay for adoption for a new baby in the Wymer home and then if they could handle the second one we would go for that.

Kate Sowards: I’d invest in the community. For starters I’d create a nonprofit organic produce farm and employ recovering addicts. Then I’d invest in a business creating useful products from recycled glass to be based out of Portsmouth. Perhaps then back an interactive nature center and Appalachian cultural center.

Tim Thompson: I would build a facility in Scioto County for the kids to have something to do. I think if they have an option for having some fun there wouldn’t be as many choosing a bad path. There would be a skate park, waterpark, arcades, go-kart tracks and free food and counseling. Keeping your nose clean keeps free access all year.

David A. Scott: Build my own business and have my kids work for me so they still remember to work for what they want. And donate to children’s hospitals.

Crystal Humphrey Hatfield: Boy would you have a lot of people wanting to be your friend…if you can’t be my friend now because I’m poor, then don’t try to be when I’m rich. I would help the children

Some would make charitable donations:

Erika Campbell: If I won 1.3 billion dollars I would make a generous contribution to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald house in Columbus, Ohio. I’m forever grateful to both of them.

Krista Rae Kelly-Cable: I’d make a donation to each of the local schools to help keep the arts in the schools. Also a donation to help Northwest complete their new community funded soccer complex.

Ryan N Stacey: Donate, donate, and donate! Pave my sister’s driveway, pay her house off, and have a water line put in. Buy my brother & other sister a house & car. Pay off all our debt, and send our children to college. Create shelter for the homeless, and more job opportunities for felons. I’ve never given tithes to the church; I’d give a lifetime of tithes. Too many things could be done. So much could change for the better.

Linda Kay Jones: Give to the church, charity, pay off all family bills and do a lot for all the need in are word today.

A-ron White: I’d probably give every kid in this county that’s fighting cancer a chance to do what they dream of. I have 5 kids in my life that would have college covered. I’d also own a business for kids’ entertainment you know jumpy houses and arcade bit my place would be like the size of Walmart lol. My brothers and sisters would be taken care of, and me and my woman are having a nice vacation lol.

Bill Campbell: If I won 1.3 billion dollars I would make a generous contribution to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald house in Columbus, Ohio and To Our Local law enforcement and fire dept.

Andrea McDaniel: I would donate to the nursing home I work at. Take care of everyone close to me! Then go to Cowboys Stadium (because that’s my Las Vegas!)

Some were funny:

Mark Richard: Officially announce my candidacy for President of the United States.

Richie Skaggs: I’d buy all of your newspapers and look for this in print. Then frame it in 100 dollar bills on my solid gold, diamond studded, and Italian marble wall. Then drive my Bugatti to Ashland, Ky. to SUPER CHINA BUFFETT for some tickle yer throat soup and a regg roll.

Joshua Cash: Buy a double cheeseburger.

Kenny Ray: I have a large family, so by the time I divide it up, I may have enough left over, for a happy meal.

Amanda Rena Cole: Disappear to a far off exotic island, I’m outta here!

Brent Collins: Bunch of hookers and cocaine.

Some said they aren’t even buying a ticket:

Tara Di Matteo Hale: My husband and I decided not to play the lottery. We would have to go into hiding. People would come out of the wood works thinking they deserve to share our winnings…the money will change you and we are happy and content with our lives.

To see all the posts, find “Portsmouth Daily Times” on Facebook and also visit us on Twitter @PDTnews.

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101, ext. 1933 or on Twitter @WayneallenPDT.

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