Pomeroy Polar Plunge set to raise money for diabetic girl

Pomeroy Polar Plunge set to raise money for diabetic girl

By Lindsay Kriz

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A group takes the plunge during 2014’s Polar Puppy Plunge.

POMEROY — There will be an opportunity later this month for people to take the plunge — literally.

The Los Cuervos (The Crows) Rider Riders Club will be conducting the Snow Crow Polar Plunge into the Ohio River at 2 p.m. Jan. 30

Rich Wamsley, Los Cuervos’ vice president, said he hopes to see plenty of people jumping into the frigid river on the day of the event.

In January 2014, community members held the 2014 Polar Puppy Plunge to raise funds for the Meigs County Dog Shelter. And after the event, which had 24 jumpers, Wamsley said the jumpers, along with those who simply wished to donate, raised more than $7,000 over the course of one month for the shelter.

“They’re sponsoring for you to jump in the water,” he said. “And you get as many sponsors as you can.”

During this year’s fundraiser, the club is hoping to raise $10,000 for charity. Any money received will be distributed in two ways: $4,200 of any of the money raised will go toward a local girl named Mady, who has severe Type 1 diabetes. Her family has recently rescued a dog, Rosie, from the Meigs County Dog Shelter, and are currently training Rosie to become a diabetic alert dog. The $4,200 raised will help the family finish paying for Rosie’s complete training. The rest of the money will go into a Los Cuervos account to be used for another cause at a later date, Wamsley said.

“Not only are you able to possibly solve one problem by the little girl being able to have a somewhat normal life … but you’ve also solved two problems because you helped save a dog from possible death,” Wamsley said, “so it’s two wonderful things.”

According to information provided by Wamsley, Rosie began training at Tri-State K9 Services in Huntington, W.Va., at 6 weeks old. Once her training is completed, Rosie will be able to sense whether Mady’s sugar levels are too high or too low, and will be able to give signals to indicate this.

Los Cuervos is a new group that is nationally sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association. So far, the group has provided food and funding for the Meigs County Veterans Outreach on Veterans Day, with a total of $1,900 plus $400 worth of canned goods. It also helped sponsor the Outreach’s Thanksgiving meal.

More recently, on Dec. 1, the group also sponsored a Meigs County family for Christmas, and members hope that their first event of 2016 will be a success as well. Their current president is Kurt English.

Anyone who wishes to participate will need to sign a waiver and is welcome and encouraged to wear a costume during the event. The plunge will take place at the Pomeroy Levee, with Rutland Volunteer Squad 44 planning to have EMTs on hand for safety. Any kids who wish to participate can also take the plunge at a specially set up dunk booth with warmer temperatures.

For anyone who wants to participate or has questions, visit the group’s Facebook page, Snow Crow Polar Plunge, or call 740-992-2117.

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