Everything feminine at Ladies’ Night Out in Lima

Everything feminine at Ladies’ Night Out in Lima

By Lance Mihm


Tina Gossard, left, tries on mascara with the assistance of Torrie Shepherd while her friend Valerie Markwell gives her encouragement during Ladies Night Out at the Civic Center on Thursday evening.

Guests sing and dance on stage while enjoying the Dueling Pianos during Ladies Night Out at the Civic Center on Thursday evening.

Missy Smiley of Lima dances and plays the tamborine on stage while enjoying the performance of the Dueling Pianos during Ladies Night Out at the Civic Center on Thursday evening.

LIMA — Whether you want to get a good tan, check out the latest fashions or lose a few pounds, the fourth annual Ladies’ Night Out was the place to be Thursday night.

The event was held at Veterans Memorial Civic Center.

“It is a fun night for ladies,” said Bill Clinger, one of the event’s organizers.

Clinger said women get a chance for a fun night out, enjoy some wine, and check out retail vendors and what they have to offer. He added that the event is good for the companies that put on the show as well.

“It gives us a chance to spend time with our advertisers and customers,” Clinger said.

Danielle Foster, one of two owners of Glow by Dani and Julie, LTD, a new business in the Lima area, said convention type events are great for businesses that cater toward women.

“Women value the opinions of others rather than seeing a paid message,” Foster said. “This event gives you a chance to get out in the community and let word of mouth spread what you have to offer.”

Foster said they had already received 150 visitors in the first hour of the event at their booth.

Clinger said the event gave many women a chance for a fun night out. He said it was common to see grandmothers with mothers and daughters or several sisters attending the event. Sharon Coleman, Marilyn Warren and Sue Nocera, a group of three sisters, were attending the event for their third time.

“Women like to travel in groups, and it gives us something fun to do,” Nocera said.

Coleman said events such as Ladies’ Night Out are popular because women tend to enjoy shopping more.

“Men generally go to where they are going, go in and pick up want they want, and leave,” Coleman said. “Women like to shop, and this is a great chance to see different vendors and what is available in the area.”

Women received several sample items in a goody bag to go along with a purchased ticket. Pamela Stricker, publisher of The Lima News, one of the event’s presenters, said, “It was a great opportunity for us to showcase Salt, our new magazine.”

Clinger said close to 600 ladies attended, with a diverse age difference from about 16 to 80. Proceeds from the event benefit the American Cancer Society.


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