Salt Homemakers Show set for April 30

Salt Homemakers Show set for April 30

This year’s annual Salt Homemakers Show will feature a culinary “Battle of the Mayoral Candidates,” as Pam Limes, Steven Williams and Drew Hastings will square off to see who can cook up the best dish in front of hundreds of guests at the Patriot Center at Southern State Community College.

Limes and Williams are running for mayor of Hillsboro in the Democratic primary election, with the winner taking on incumbent Republican Hastings in November.

But on April 30, the three will team up with their respective cooking partners to engage in some light-hearted fun and entertainment.

Limes will pair up with former Hillsboro mayor Betty Bishop. Williams will partner with his campaign treasurer, Rachel Hudson. Hastings will team up with Bob Lambert, director of the Highland County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The teams will take turns sharing their favorite recipes and demonstrating their unique set of skills in the art of cooking or baking.

“This will be a lot of fun,” said Sharon Hughes, business development manager for The Times-Gazette. “Politics can be serious, but it can also be fun, and we appreciate these candidates taking time out of their busy schedules to show everyone a side of themselves that might not otherwise be seen on the campaign trail.”

The 27th edition of the Salt Homemakers Show will be held Thursday, April 30 at the Patriot Center at Southern State Community College.

Hughes will once again emcee the show along with Leslie Ramsey of WVNU. Pamela Stricker, Lora Abernathy and Andrea McKinney the publisher, editor and food editor, respectively, of Salt magazine will welcome attendees to the show and help distribute as many as 100 gifts and door prizes throughout the program.

For several years, the popular show has been held in the auditorium at Southern State, with vendors setting up their exhibits in several SSCC hallways connected to the atrium.

Moving to the Patriot Center will result in all vendors being located in the same space around the perimeter of the large Patriot Center interior.

“This will be a wide-open experience and a lot of fun for our vendors and guests,” said Hughes.

Tickets at $7 each can be reserved now by calling 937-393-3456 or stopping by the newspaper office at 108 Gov. Trimble Place in Hillsboro.

As always, the event will support the Highland County Homeless Shelter. Anyone bringing five cans of food will receive one door prize ticket. Bringing 10 cans of food will net three door prize tickets.

Doors will open at 4 p.m. for guests to enjoy the many displays exhibited by local vendors, and the show will begin at 6 p.m.

Vendors wishing to participate with booths or tables can reserve spots by calling 937-393-3456.

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