Are you a maker? Show us what you’re up to!

We’re interested in learning about what our Ohio neighbors are making in their free time. There’s so much creativity happening outside of the 8 to 5, a way for folks to help with the household budget or just express themselves in a way their jobs don’t ask of them.

Send a photo of a finished item, cost, social media info and your contact info to [email protected].


Over the winter I needed a hobby. I took empty wine bottles that I got from friends and family (maybe one or two myself), cleaned, removed some labels and then added beads, stones, flowers, greenery and such and then put in tiny cork lights. I also took special orders from some who had a sentimental wine bottle they were keeping from a special occasion to display. I enjoyed making them so much. The cost of the bottles — $0. Items in bottles were bought at craft stores. Lights I bought on Amazon. Total cost of one bottle ranged from $10 to $15 depending on the amount of work going into one.

Nicolin Haines, of Wilmington

Facebook: Nicolin Haines

Instagram: nicolinbhaines


[email protected]

Ceramic functional pottery and sculpture. $20-$400.


Chelsey Douglas, of Wilmington

C. Rae’s Designs

[email protected]

Crocheted items. Hat, $25.


Tim Flanigan, of Wilmington

Facebook: Oakland Woodworks


[email protected]

Farmhouse style furniture. Tables $100 and up.

Salt Magazine

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