Pamela Stricker: Let’s share some Salt

Pamela Stricker: Let’s share some Salt

Nearly six years ago, in November 2009, I, along with a very talented group of colleagues, launched a magazine in southern Ohio and named it Salt.

It started out as a holiday cookbook with some additional ideas and inspiration to celebrate the season, but that first issue exploded with so much more as we thought of other ideas we wanted to share with readers. We included articles on decorating, preventing holiday weight gain, handmade gifts, volunteers at a local soup kitchen and more.

Salt was accepted with open arms and readers have embraced it ever since. So, when I recently moved into my new role as the publisher of The Lima News, it seemed only natural to share Salt with all of our readers here in north central Ohio.

Additionally, a recent opportunity arose to also share Salt with readers of the Gallipolis Daily Tribune, Point Pleasant Register, (Portsmouth) Daily Times and The (Pomeroy) Sentinel.

Thankfully, I have been able to enlist the help of some of the talented folks who have made Salt so successful.

Lora Abernathy, Salt editor, lives in southern Ohio, but is becoming a lot more familiar with the Lima area as we compile ideas and features for this and upcoming issues of Salt. She will serve as editor of Salt for all regional editions.

Tina Murdock has been doing the layout and design for Salt and will continue to dazzle our readers with her talented touch. Her input goes way beyond graphics, though. I count on her for new ideas, critique and opinion.

Andrea McKinney, our food editor, shares her passion for food. You’ll not only enjoy her recipes, but the humorous stories she shares along the way.

Then there is the very capable staff here at The Lima News: Jim Krumel, editor; David Trinko, managing editor; Craig J. Orosz, photographer; Adrienne McGee Sterrett, lifestyle and special sections editor; and Amy Eddings, reporter.

For our southeast edition, we have Michael Johnson, Lorna Hart, Joseph Pratt and Lindsay Kriz helping with content and story ideas.

We are all working together to launch this newest publication for all of you.

Salt magazine is a publication designed to enhance our everyday lives with ideas and features on lifestyle topics that include health and wellness, recipes and cooking, gardening, gifting and more. But the most important ingredient to our theme is the local aspect, features about your neighbors, recipes you submit, ideas you share with us and local folks who inspire us.

Why did we name it Salt? Because a moderate amount of salt is necessary in all of our diets. Salt seasons. Salt enhances. Salt preserves. Salt cleanses. Salt is essential to our survival. Lack of salt or sodium can be harmful to our diets, as can the excessive use of salt. We need a balance, we need a sprinkling of salt, and salt is readily found on most of our kitchen shelves.

There’s a scripture in Mark 9:50 that says, “Salt is good… have salt within yourselves, and be at peace and live in harmony with one another.”

Hopefully, you will find that Salt is good. Our goal is that it will be a publication that contributes to the harmony of our communities, of our lives.

We welcome your comments, your suggestions. We have so many ideas for the upcoming issues and hope your input will help guide us as we determine that. Check out the website at

So, sit down with that cup of coffee or tea and enjoy our new “baby” … and pass the salt, please.

Pamela Stricker


[email protected]

Salt Magazine

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