Lora Abernathy: Throw some wind in your caution

Sometimes, I like to take long drives in the country. It affords time to think and reflect on a life that too often passes by ever so quickly.

On one such recent drive, I watched my hair flick forward across my cheeks, over my eyes; blown by Sunday’s warm winds rolling through the truck’s windows.

I looked to my right, my brown locks a moving veil between my sight and the green cornfields we passed on this country road.

I smiled.

My husband was driving. He was quiet. His presence gives me peace.

I continued watching my hair being whipped by the wind. How much longer, I wondered, will brown be the color I see before all of my locks are gray?

The days, I think, are becoming shorter. Fall will soon be here; my favorite season. How long before I look out and see withered cornstalks and rust-colored trees?

I kept smiling. I was happy in this perfect moment, even as I pondered life’s what elses and what ifs.

Riding in my truck, windows down, is one of my simple pleasures. It’s another way to gently collide with nature in this fast-paced world.

I have been diagnosed with ADOS: Attention Deficit — Oh, Shiny! Letting nature’s invisible force surround me while riding in my truck calms my mind. My thoughts still race, but they jog instead of sprint.

I savor moments like these because they force me to settle, to consider life’s important features, which makes me grateful and, therefore, content and calm.

I’m content because I am so blessed in this life, even through hardships. I’m grateful to God for health, for a fantastic job, for a great husband, for a family that loves.

As hot air makes room for its cool counterpart this season, forget about your hair, toss anything that can fly away into the trunk of your car and roll down your windows and take in the scenery. Let a little wind into your cautious life. You might be surprised by what thoughts blow your way.

Salt Magazine

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