Pamela Stricker: Spring cleaning from the inside out

Pamela Stricker: Spring cleaning from the inside out

By Pamela Stricker

On a recent visit to Alice’s Laidback Living outside of Hillsboro to do a photo shoot for the cover of this edition of Salt, I got inspired by the beautiful store, the décor, the clever arrangements of furniture, the gently burning fire, the lilting music. It was a delightful repass and escape from the snow and cold that blanketed the countryside. So much light and so many textures. Such a sense of peace. My senses were awakened!

I came back home and began to take stock of my own décor (I use that term loosely); to look around at what had become clutter, rooms that could use a sprucing up.

“Where did all this stuff come from?” I mutter to myself and then, “I’m going to have a garage sale!” But who am I kidding? I have been going to have a garage sale for the past six or seven years.

But I am determined to begin some serious spring cleaning and spruce things up. Out with winter, in with spring!

My 8-year-old grandson, Ben, is even in the spirit of remodeling and a sudden desire to redo his bedroom. He spent a lot of time collecting ideas on Pinterest.

“I love Pinterest!” he exclaimed.

Pinterest? Really? He’s only 8!

All these redecorating ideas have me also thinking it would be a really good time to consider doing some spring cleaning in me; taking inventory of the rooms of my soul. Time to get refreshed mentally and spiritually.

Using the analogy of my home, I have decided to apply the principles of cleaning and organizing to myself. Start with deep cleaning one room at a time.

Here are some examples of some of the rooms going through a makeover or just a good cleaning:

• Closet – shedding those garments of heaviness for the garments of joy;

• Family room – prioritizing family time, intentional set-aside time for each, sensitive to needs of family members;

• Laundry – scrubbing away the dirt, the resentment or unforgiveness that has tried to camp in my mind;

• Dining room – planning social times, time of breaking bread with family, friends, intimate dinners and conversation. Considering the food we share, the things we talk about, how I can encourage another over a meal;

• Kitchen – What food am I consuming? Maybe I need to consider my spiritual food. What am I taking in? What I take in is what comes out. It’s the GIGO theory — garbage in, garbage out. The more “junk food” I feed my brain, the more junk comes out of my mouth. What am I “cooking up” that truly inspires me, inspires others around me?

• Bedroom – How am I doing taking care of myself? Am I getting enough rest, private and intimate time with my husband;

• Bathroom – looking in the mirror, self-reflection. How do others see me? I want them to see someone who is interested in them, caring, not self-absorbed. I need to wash away that selfishness. I don’t want past mistakes, decisions to define who I am today. They are part of my history, but today begins a new chapter.

Wow! I have a lot of work to do! Better get busy. Want to join me in a little spring clean-up?

In the meantime, please pass the salt!

Happy spring!

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