Pamela Stricker - Publisher
Pamela Stricker is the publisher of Salt Magazine. Additionally, she is the publisher of the Wilmington News Journal and the group publisher for Civitas Media's southwest region.

Lora Abernathy - Editor
Lora Abernathy, of Hillsboro is also the editor of the Wilmington News Journal. She competes in triathlons, and is still in mourning over the TV show "Lost" no longer being in the air.

Andrea Chafin - Food Editor
Andrea is a reporter for the Wilmington News Journal and the food editor of Salt magazine. An OSU graduate, she enjoys piddling in her garden, making way too much food than two people ever need, singing in the car and exploring photography.

Sherri Krazl - Digital Editor
A graduate of Wilmington College, Sherri was the designer and editor for the first four issues of Salt Magazine. She currently manages the online communities for Salt. Mother of two young children, she also has a photography business specializing in outdoor portraits and weddings.

Sheryl Sollars, a Wilmington native, is an accomplished cook, homemaker and writer. She currently resides in Wilmington with her three sons and seven grandchildren.

Kay Frances is a motivational humorist who encourages people to "laugh more, stress less and take care of yourself!" She is the author of "The Funny Thing ABout Stress; A Seriously Humorous Guide to a Happier Life." To order the book or to find out more about Kay, visit

Carol Chroust has written for 29 years for local, regional, state and national publications. She is working on a non-fiction book and a historical fiction novel series. Carol and her husband, Jim, reside in Wilmington.

Stephanie Hardwick Stokes is an officer of the executive board of the Dayton Society of Interior Designers. Her work has been featured in the Dayton Daily News, the Cincinnati Enquirer and in various Designer Show houses. She resides in Clinton County and works throughout southwest Ohio. She may be contacted by phone at Hardwick Designs at 937-383-4832.

Beverly Drapalik lives in Wilmington with her husband, Jeff. They also live with a dog, a cat, a parrot, chickens and bees. She teaches English at Wilmington College.

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