Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gone fishin'


I woke up early one spring morning several years back. My husband, Jerry, woke up early too.

“I had a dream,” I told him. “We were fishing at Vic’s pond and I caught five bass!”

“Let’s go!” he responded.

We hadn’t planned to go fishing that day, but Jerry took my dream as a good omen. So we jumped out of bed, brewed some coffee for the thermos, grabbed our poles and tackle box and drove to Vic’s pond just outside of Hillsboro.

When we got out of the car I started walking toward the pond.

“It was right here… by this tree… in my dream.”

I strung up the purple worm on the end of my line and cast into the water. Not ten minutes had elapsed when the tug on the end of the line pulled the bobber under with decided strength. My adrenaline suddenly raced and defied the patience I was trying to exercise controlling my line. I jerked and snagged and reeled in a two-to-three pound bass!

I was so excited and laughing. Finally calmed down, I cast again. Again, another two or three pounder! It happened five times that morning. Just like that crazy dream!

One of the reasons I like that story so much is that it happened so spur-of-the-moment. As the years have passed, I think I am less apt to toss aside my day’s agenda and trade it for the unplanned, impromptu and seemingly frivolous. But, in fact, that’s probably what I need more than anything. The best emotional, mental and physical support… just some good ole’ fashioned R&R.

Sun coming up on the lake, slight ripples reflecting dawn’s first light, silence… and suddenly the crash of a bass as it jumps through the surface of the water, commanding the attention of anyone who may be watching but only giving a second or two to catch a glimpse. That invigorates me. Stealing away from the noise and busy-ness of my world to a place where the interruption of silence is not manmade. This is the kind of stimulus I need to energize.

Now, I know for many of you, you do not share my fondness for fishing. But we all have something we like to do, some place we like to go that produces the same result of rejuvenation.

There’s a scripture I love in Mark 6 where Jesus is talking to some of his close friends after they had returned from a mission trip. His advice to them was, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place, and rest a while”.  It goes on to say, “They went away in a boat to a solitary place by themselves.”
That’s the voice I sometimes hear in my head - “Come away to a deserted place and rest a while.” Sometimes grabbing a pole and setting out for a quiet place on a pond or lake is one of the best things we can do for ourselves (and the people around us).

It doesn’t have to be fishing that takes you to that quiet place. But what is important is to do something you love that creates that space in your life where you can decompress. If you do go fishing and you are lucky enough to land some, we’ve shared some good recipes in this issue of Salt.
Here’s one of my favorite batters to use on fried fish…

7-Up Fish Batter
1 Egg
1 Cup pancake mix
8 ounces 7-Up

Roll fillets in dry mix first. Mix one slightly beaten egg with the 7-up. Dip each fillet in the batter. Then deep fry at 400 degrees till browned.

Hope you make time to relax as we head into summer. If you’re looking for me and can’t find me, it might just be because I’ve gone fishin’.

In the meantime, please pass the salt!

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