Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facebook universe shares favorite fishing memories


Tara Wright – Wilmington, Ohio
Fishing with clover flowers and slaying 'em. The boys got mad because they were using worms and couldn't catch a thing.

Michelle Moye – Georgetown
My favorite fishing memory takes me back to when I was very young. My dad has always enjoyed fishing and wanted to see if my sister and I would be interested in taking up the hobby ourselves.

I believe I was about six when my dad took us fishing for the first time, and, to our discovery, we learned that after you are taught how to put the worm on the hook, you had to do it yourself - with supervision, of course. I will never forget the look on my sister's face when our dad told us we had to touch the slimy worms and put them on the hook. My reaction was the same as hers.

However, after that first fishing experience, we asked time after time to go again, baiting our own hooks and having a lot of fun. We visited many fishing holes in Brown County, so thanks, Dad, for teaching us and showing us a great time.

Beth Ballein – Hillsboro, Ohio
With my dad in Ohio Brush Creek. My little sister and I had to pull him in the canoe through the low-water areas because he didn't like getting his feet wet. Those were the days.

Mike Eason – Wilmington, Ohio
Has to be watching my daughters bait their hooks and all the faces they made hooking the worms. And then squealing as they caught the fish, “Dad, get it off the hook!” at our own pond in Wilmington.

Taressa Conrad – Hillsboro, Ohio
Watching my daughter catch a bass. As she was reeling it in, when she saw the size of it, she threw her pole down and ran crying because she said it was too big. She loves to catch blue gill, so it scared her to death.

Jill Link Holl – Columbus, Ohio (Formerly of Wilmington)
Making dough balls from Wheaties and baiting a trotline at Indian Lake in the 1940s and 50s.

My grandmother would add just enough water and I got to make the dough. She'd use a table knife and scrape the extra from my hands. We'd roll up balls and my grandfather would bait the line and throw it at night. In the morning, we'd pull the line and would have ridded Indian Lake of its over-population of carp.

Pamela Volkman – Yakima, Wash. (Formerly of Georgetown)
We used to go fishing on the weekends as a family. We would to go Limings Lake and make a family event out of it, always going with other relatives.

As children, we would have our cane poles (I don't know that people even use those anymore as my children and grandchildren ask me what those were). We were always excited about just catching a sun fish. My brother caught the prize fish one time on his cane pole.

As a child, I accumulated many good memories centered around our fishing trips.

Louana Bryan – Wilmington, Ohio
I live in Wilmington, but my favorite memory is going each summer to St. Marys lake in Celina with with my parents and grandparents, fishing late at night and watching my grandpa fish early in the morning.

Amber Cockerill – Washington Court House, Ohio
With my dad. I was still new to fishing and I tried to throw out my line and nothing. I looked back at my dad who was hooked with my hook. He was trying not to laugh. That was at the Fish and Game Lodge.

Second story is he had a bass boat and fished a lot. Well, our mom was with us at Deer Creek State Park and I was so excited I got a fish. I got too excited and yanked the line. The fish came out of the water and hit my mom. She about died of shock. We all were cracking up laughing afterwards.

Darryl Weldy - Hillsboro, Ohio
I have so many it is hard to choose. I have spent many nights on the Ohio river fishing for catfish.

There was one night, a friend and I got there early in the evening. We were prepared for an overnight stay in the boat. We had our grill, coffee pot and were prepared for everything. The day before, I had gone to Wal Mart and bought a yoga mat so I could comfortably doze off on the back deck of my friend's bass boat.

We got out there, settled in and cooked our dinner. After about an hour or hour-and-a-half, I started getting sleepy, so I rolled my mat out on the back deck and was trying to figure out what to do if I got a bite. I didn't want to lose my poles if I fell asleep and didn't notice.

I found an old piece of string about six inches in length. I then had the idea to cut the string into three pieces, tie each piece to a finger, then tie the other end to my line so it would pull on my finger if I got a bite.

All the time my friend is laughing like crazy in the front of the boat. I am not sure exactly how much time elapsed, but it had been a while. I was fast asleep and I was awakened by a sharp pain; it felt like a tractor pull and my finger was the sled.

I manged to get the string cut from that finger, however, I had forgotten about the others when I grabbed the rod to set the hook and my other poles were flying everywhere and getting entangled. I then cut the other strings and got the rods out of the way.

I ended up landing the fish. It turned out to be a blue-cat right at about 40 pounds. It was like something out of a comedy skit, but I didn't lose my rods or my fish.

Angela Roberts – Goshen, Ohio
Catching the biggest fish of the week (of course with the help of my husband) at Cozy-Dale Pay Lake and winning the jackpot!

Scott Alspaugh – Washington Court House, Ohio
Fishing with a top water frog and catching a 10-pound bass.

Michelle Gerard Joyce – Charlotte, N.C. (Formerly of Wilmington)
While deep-sea fishing with my dad in the Gulf of Mexico, a giant sea turtle came up for a breath right next to our boat. This happened more than 20 years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday

Kristi Jo Carson Slavens – Washington Court House, Ohio
When I was a little girl, my dad and grandma took me fishing. Like a lot of little girls (and some adults), I kept getting my line tangled in the weeds along the pond.

While I was waiting on Dad to help free my line, my grandma started yelling at me saying I had something. The pole was bending and I was reeling. Then, all of a sudden, a snapping turtle showed its head and began hissing at me. I shouted to the heavens and threw the pole straight up in the air. Dad went in after his pole, Grandma was laughing, and I was still jumping around screaming.

Dad did get his pole back, but the turtle snapped the line before he could get it in a bucket for Grandma – because I certainly didn't want anything to do with it.

Kindra Kempke Landon – Wilmington, Ohio
I have two. One is when I was 12-years-old, my family went on vacation to North Carolina and we went on a fish boat tour. Everyone put money in a pot and I ended up catching the biggest fish by a half inch. The man I beat was not very happy.

The second is when I was 8-months-pregnant, my dad came and took me to Caesar Creek to fish and we ended up catching a huge fish. It was interesting trying to walk around on the rocky bank and trying not to fall being pregnant.

Tom Little – Sabina, Ohio
My favorite fishing memory was fishing with my grandfather when I was about 7-years-old. We fished together at the Washington Court House city park. I remember him teaching me how to tie on a hook and the smile on his face. I wish he was still around to see me fish in my bass tournaments. He taught me how to be patient in fishing, and patient in life.

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