Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Accidentally on purpose


We’ve all been there. Despite our best, most carefully plotted efforts, whether in the kitchen or elsewhere, something doesn’t go quite as planned. Sometimes, it’s just a disaster; too great of a mishap for the dish or project to be saved. Sometimes, it works itself out to be okay - but just that, okay. But sometimes, the dreaded misfortune turns into something delightful. Sometimes, through a mistake or missing ingredient (or two), you find something even better than what you set out for in the first place.

As was the case this past weekend. We were thoroughly enjoying a lazy weekend morning at home when we decided it would be fun to wander around the local flea market. Caesar’s Creek Flea Market here in Wilmington is still recovering from the devastating fire not too long ago, but many vendors have taken their booths outdoors and the weather was cool but clear. I’ve been itching to start a home improvement project for weeks and am looking for something different to serve as a new headboard for our bed… an old, weathered door or set of shutters, perhaps. I’ll know it when I find it. And since there aren’t many garage sales yet to speak of and I really didn’t want to travel too far - after all, it was supposed to be a lazy, relaxing day I thought that maybe I’d find something there.

Before we got ready to head out, I decided to pop dinner into the CrockPot (the Orange Sesame Pork Loin from the last issue, although I used chicken) and bake a Bundt cake for dessert while I got ready to surprise James and the kiddos later. Just before we left, I turned out the Apple Caramel Cake onto a plate, picked it up to wrap it in plastic wrap and CRASH! The whole cake slid right off the plate and onto the baking sheet on the stove. All that work, destroyed. I scooped up the pieces, put them back on the plate and thought, what now? Cake pops? A trifle? Oh, a Caramel Apple Trifle, that could still work!

Later that evening, with no luck at the flea market, other than a pair of purple, movie-star, rhinestone-studded sunglasses for my Madie, we stopped at the grocery store on the way home and I picked up some Cool-Whip and caramel sauce. You could use homemade whipped cream or caramel sauce and it would be delicious, I didn’t because the cake was rich enough already and again, it was supposed to be a lazy day, remember? Once home, I got a pretty crystal bowl, spread in some Cool-Whip, topped it with half the crumbled cake, drizzled on a little caramel sauce, topped it with more Cool-Whip, cake, caramel sauce and finished it with more Cool-Whip and a pretty drizzle of caramel sauce. So simple and it looked delicious.

And you know what? It was delicious. Better, in fact, that the original Apple Caramel Bundt Cake I had intended to make. Best of all, James and the kiddos were thrilled. Conner couldn’t wait for leftovers the next night. The Bundt cake-turned-trifle was a hit! And, of course, as any good mama would say when asked, I meant to do it that way all along - wink!

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