Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slow-cooked supper


One of the first kitchen items I received as a new bride was a slow cooker; better known to most as a Crockpot. A wise woman in our family must have known that one day that little electric pot would be a life-saver.

Before we had children, the Crockpot served one purpose. Roast beef. That was it.

I’d salt and pepper a roast and lay it atop some coarsely chopped carrots, celery and potatoes, add a cup of water and in 8 hours, we’d have a meal. When it was done, I’d take the drippings and bring them to a boil on the stove, add a touch of corn starch slurry and a dash more salt and we’d also have a nice, brown gravy. Simple, delicious and my husband was a happy man.

Little did I know that I was really missing out!

A Crockpot can cook anything. From roasts and chicken to worldly cuisines and yes, even dessert and freshly baked bread, the humble Crockpot is this busy mama’s best ally in the kitchen. If you’re web savvy, you can find blog after blog of Crockpot recipes and ideas. There are even several sites that show you how shop for and prep a month’s worth of meals in one day, freeze them in gallon zipper bags and then cook them in the Crockpot. Amazing, don’t you think?

Although the one month plan isn’t for me, I do love my Crockpot and its seemingly endless number of uses that make feeding my family a breeze.  Here are a few interesting recipes I thought you’d enjoy. If you haven’t used your Crockpot lately, dust it off and give one of these a try.

Here’s to a blessed and delicious, time-saving dinner, from my kitchen to yours. Enjoy!

For the recipes, pick up a copy of the March 2012 edition of Salt.

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