Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest picks


Pinterest one of the newest social media websites. It is a sort of virtual bulletin board of you; your likes, ideas and creative whims. Once you set up a profile on Pinterest, you can collect and organize all the goodies you might happen to find online that you want to remember for a later date, a future project, etc. Gone are the days of adding websites to your “favorites” then having to sift through that ridiculous list to find the one you need… or just remembering that you saved it there in the first place. Once your profile is set up and you have download the ‘Pin It’ button to your internet tool bar, you just ‘Pin’ the link to your website of interest, complete with picture, to the category or bulletin ‘board’ you choose.

On my profile, for example, I created individual ‘boards’ for DIY, Crafts, In the Kitchen, Products I Love, Things My Kiddos Would Love and for Gardening, to name a few. Now, when I am perusing online for craft ideas, home décor inspiration or just a recipe for dinner, if I find one I like, I can just click the “Pin It” button in my tool bar and it is added to my Pinterest profile. Then, when I need the information, like say when I get home to cook dinner, I just pull up my Pinterest page on my laptop or, better yet, the Pinterest app on my iPhone, and Viola!, there it is, right at my fingertips.

For all you that still aren’t convinced, you can just explore Pinterest, too. Think of it as the Cliff’s Notes for inspiration on the web. On the main Pinterest page, you can view everyone’s pins either as one mass group in the Everything section, or sorted for your convenience under subcategories like Art, Home Décor, Fashion, Recipes, Holidays, History, Geek, Science & Nature, Cars & Motorcycles, and many more. Some of the more creative uses for Pinterest I have seen are teachers sharing ideas for use in the classroom and moms sharing kiddo project ideas for gifts, holidays or cooking. It’s not limited to teachers and moms, though. Any creative outlet you might enjoy is represented on Pinterest, with a good amount of like minded followers sharing ideas, projects and inspiration. It’s everything I love, all in one place, ripe for the picking. And just as it should be with any social media, you can follow your friends, and even your Facebook friends, and see what interesting finds they have collected.

The only downfall? I think I may have a (self diagnosed, of course) Pinterest Addiction or PA, as I call it. For someone like me who oozes creativity on a normal day, Pinterest kicks that into overdrive. I know my husband is already NOT a fan. Because of the efficiency of the information and free flowing exchange of ideas on Pinterest, I find myself lying awake at night, thinking about all of the crafts I can make, recipes I just have to try and, my husband’s particular favorite, my new plan for completely redecorating our house, top to bottom. And don’t get me started on the new garden plan for this growing season or the pumpkin and gourd patch for the kiddos to grow for the fall. Did you know you could grow loofas? Oh, and to go with the loofas, I think I saw a salt scrub that I can make in cute little Mason Jars for Christmas gifts. You get the idea.

Obsessive behaviors and kidding aside, Pinterest is great. I find myself constantly challenged to try something new or think about something in a new way. There are great shortcuts for housekeeping and everyday life, as well as some great inspirational quotes and thoughts to you can use to smooth things over with your spouse when you repaint the whole living room, dining room and kitchen on a Pinterest induced creative jolt.

If you haven’t had the time, check it out. I know you’ll love it!

Wife to James and proud mom of Conner and Madilyn (Madie), Lori is the circulation director for the Wilmington News Journal and Food Editor for SALT Magazine. She is passionate about her family, her work, and her community.

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