Friday, July 30, 2010

Trash to Treasure


Everywhere I turn, I find the media espousing such terms as sustainable living, social responsibility, going green, and living frugally. These terms may have new meaning to many of the younger generation, but they are certainly not new concepts. Many of our grandparents were living sustainable lifestyles that were both frugal and socially responsible way before it was considered fashionable to do so. When I began doing the research for this article, I decided to focus on homes built mostly from salvaged material. I wanted to find more people who weren’t just buying “green” products for their home, but who had found ways to look at materials in a different way and keep them out of the landfills. Not having a clue where to start, I began by asking my own family if they had ever heard of anyone in this area that had done such a thing. To my utter amazement, my aunt told me to start with my grandfather. She informed me that the cabin my grandfather had built in St. Martin along the Little Miami River more than 40 years ago for a weekend/vacation home had been built almost entirely from salvaged materials. I should have known this, but it had just never really occurred to me to ask about it. I had been visiting or staying there since birth and I had always taken its presence for granted. Intrigued by this discovery, I decided to interview my grandpa, Stan Pfister, for this article and headed to St. Martin where we were celebrating his 90th birthday in May at his cabin.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Winners

Congratulation to Lynn Neal of Hillsboro who won a night @ The Inn at Cedar Falls, Logan, Ohio!
You could win too - just by submitting your recipe favorites to be considered for publication in SALT! A chance to win a night’s stay at Effie’s Place in Wilmington Bed and Breakfast is yours! Recipes must be submitted by Sept. 1 to qualify to win.

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Embrace Summer!


That’s our theme for this issue of Salt. Embrace all that goes with this season of rest, relaxation, recreation and busyness. Embracing… the burst of juices in your mouth from a tomato just picked from the vine, the feel of soft blades of grass between barefooted toes, the aroma of freshly picked sweet corn steaming on a picnic table spread for dinner, lazy evenings and easy conversations on lawn chairs as the sun goes down giving relief to the heat from the day, sweet tea, county fairs, farmers’ markets, bursts of color from new flower blooms, hummingbirds,

Sunday, July 4, 2010