Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cash for Clutter

Turning your Clutter Into Cash!
By Tara Roark

If you have more possession than you need or need a little more money than you have, maybe recycling those items through consignment or resale is the perfect plan for you! Below you will find not only a comprehensive list of the 5 county area consignment and resale shops but also some tips on how to get the most money for your items.

-Gather your discards and separate them by season and style. Consider only consigning items that are in good shape, stain-free and not too worn or more, and that you believe would be appealing to someone else.
-Visit a few shops as a consumer, paying close attention to the types, brand and prices.
-Check with each shop to get a clear idea about what type of clothes or items they buy: in-season only, antique, designer, etc.
-Inquire about each store's policy. At what percentage do they consign or purchase? When and how are payments made? How many days are consigned items kept? What will be done with nonselling items? Will they be returned to you or simply discarded or donated?
-Keep a record of what you consign, and if you don't hear from the store first, make a note to call a few days before your selling period ends.

Resell! Replace! Rejoice!

Déjà Vu
131 E. Court St.
Washington CH, OH, 43160
(740) 335-1360

10-6 Monday thru Friday, 10-4 Saturday, closed Sunday 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Relax ... take a bath

By Sheryl Sollars
I am known around Clinton County as the lady who writes the recipes, or the “kitchen lady,” but in this edition of SALT I am going to get a little more personal and come into your “bed and bath!”  Even I find that I have to do something for myself outside of the kitchen.  I can remember when I was a young mom of three sons I felt trapped and had to take some relaxing time out once in a while, just for me.  Why is it that now that my boys are no longer around and I am semi-retired, I still do not take time for myself as I should. I guess part of the problem is that the time is there but I just don’t take it. I think we all have the illusion that we figure that when we get “old” no one expects us to look fresh. This is no excuse, so today I am going to try to inspire myself and my readers to take time to do some simple things to pamper ourselves.

Spring Savings Time

By Tara Roark
Maybe you have been wanting to save money, so, how are you doing? Saving money is one of those tasks that is so much easier said than done. It’s not just about spending less. It involves planning, discipline and patience. There are many reasons everyone should put money aside such as emergencies, education, unemployment and retirement for example. We all know we need to do it but how do we realistically get started? Try these manageable steps. (Grab a copy to see the full article.)

Step 1: Set savings goals.
Step 2: Determine time frames.
Step 3: Define weekly, monthly or per paycheck amount of saving.

Organize treasures, not clutter

By Barb Warner and Lori Firsdon, co-owners of Encore Professional Organizers
As professional organizers, we must be non-judgemental and very compassionate when working with our clients. Let’s face it…there are years and years worth of items which have been accumulating. Often the accumulation of items includes their own personal belongings, their children’s items they have been saving and the items they have inherited from their parents or grandparents. As a result,  many people are using their garages and extra rooms to store, store, store. 
Storing items is okay, if you plan to “treasure” them now or in the immediate future. Storing “clutter” is not so great, as it drains your energy and puts major constraints on your space. Evaluate your belongings…are you storing clutter or treasures? If you are among the few who are only storing treasures…are you enjoying them or displaying them?

Somebody needs a timeout!

At the time of this writing, we are in the midst of a snowstorm… the second snowstorm in less than a week’s time. And as much as I love the snow and winter, I do find myself a bit weary of battling the elements. Scraping snow off the car in the parking lot, white-knuckling the steering wheel for a thirty-minute ride down 73 with eyes peeled for oncoming cars or that family of deer that wants to share the road with me can make for a pretty tiring end to an already jam-packed work day. Those muscles in my neck and shoulders are just screaming for some relaxation… and I know one way that I can give them major relief as well as the rest of my body, mind and spirit. Time for a hot bath… 

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