Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mixin’ it up with Sheryl

By Carol Chroust
Because of her many life experiences, Sheryl Sollars of Wilmington learned to work hard, be enterprising, take advantage of opportunities and discover a better and less expensive way to do things. Through it all, creativity was the key. She is right on target for the challenging needs of today’s world. “I like helping people,” said Sheryl who writes the ‘Your Kitchen or Mine’ column in area newspapers and the food column in SALT.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Preventing Holiday Gains

By Heather Harmon
I am not one to talk about avoiding weight gain altogether. I am better at advising on how to gain it. However, I have learned a thing or two about avoiding the weight many of us pick up over the food-laden holidays. After searching for the best advice that a budget of zero dollars can buy, these are a few of my favorite tips.

The Value of Money for Kids

By Tara Roark
A penny saved is a penny earned. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Put  your money where your mouth is. Show me the money! These are fun  phrases but talking money is serious businesses for all ages and the sooner  you begin conversing about currency the better.  Whether you give your child an allowance, or pay based on household  chores, be proactive in establishing a foundation of good financial budgeting  skills.

Add Flavor to Everday Life

By Pamela Stricker Publisher
When making plans to publish our annual holiday cookbook made up of recipes submitted by our readers, we began thinking of how we could make it even more useful and attractive.
We know that many of us are looking forward to the holidays with guarded anticipation. We want to focus in on the real reason for celebration and keep it simple and affordable at the same time. We wanted to be able to help you anticipate the joy of sharing with friends and family without added anxiety. So we came up with SALT… a way to enhance our everyday lives with ideas and features on lifestyle topics that include health and wellness, recipes and cooking, ways to stretch household budgets, holiday traditions and gift giving.

Sensible Gifting Solutions

By Barb Warner and Lori Firsdon
Looking for ideas this holiday season? Try these simple non-clutter (mostly cost-conscious) gift giving ideas:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Salt Notes

By Sherri Krazl, Editor

This companion blog (in conjunction with the first print issue) for SALT is the result of many collaborations and contributions from wonderful people, people who are passionate about writing, cooking, sharing, and making life simply better. We hope you enjoy SALT online and in print.

theSALTmagazine.com is the place to visit between issues to join us in the fun of shaping future issues of your local lifestyle magazine through comments, feedback, contests, photo submissions, and questions.

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