Monday, November 16, 2009

Add Flavor to Everday Life

By Pamela Stricker Publisher
When making plans to publish our annual holiday cookbook made up of recipes submitted by our readers, we began thinking of how we could make it even more useful and attractive.
We know that many of us are looking forward to the holidays with guarded anticipation. We want to focus in on the real reason for celebration and keep it simple and affordable at the same time. We wanted to be able to help you anticipate the joy of sharing with friends and family without added anxiety. So we came up with SALT… a way to enhance our everyday lives with ideas and features on lifestyle topics that include health and wellness, recipes and cooking, ways to stretch household budgets, holiday traditions and gift giving.

But the most important ingredient to our theme is the local aspect… features about your neighbors, recipes you submit, ideas you share with us and local folks that inspire us. Another key element to SALT is that five percent of the revenue we generate from the advertising goes to local food pantries. The money will go to pantries in Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette, and Highland counties… the markets where SALT is circulated.
To make it interactive we’ve launched a companion website Visit us there and interact with our team, read blog posts, share your thoughts, and participate in our contests.
Why did we name it SALT? Because a moderate amount of salt is necessary in all of our diets. Salt seasons. Salt enhances. Salt preserves. Salt cleanses. Salt is essential to our survival. Lack of salt or sodium can be harmful to our diets as can its excessive use. We need a balance. We need a sprinkling of salt which is readily found on most of our kitchen shelves.
There’s a scripture in Mark 9:50 that says, “Salt is good… have salt within yourselves, and be at peace and live in harmony with one another.” Hopefully, you will find that SALT is good. Our goal is that it will be a publication that contributes to the harmony of our communities, of our lives.
We welcome your comments and your suggestions. We have so many ideas for the upcoming issues and hope your input will help guide us as we determine that. So sit down with that cup of coffee or tea and enjoy… and pass the salt please… • 

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